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I have used Flatfilehost Hosting for years now and couldn't be happier! They are also very talented web designers, constructing a full ecommerce site for me and also totally revamping my personal home web site that was in a complete shamble! I am now and will continue to be a VERY satisfied and loyal customer! ~Roger Hill

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How to get Support Print E-mail

Here at Flatfilehost Hosting, in the past we offered both a forum as well as support tickets through our service desk.  Due to only a very small percentage of our customers utilizing the forum, and the fact it seemed to over complicate the support process, as well as confuse some people, in our effort to streamline our support channel, we have now phased out our forum.

Note: Should customer demand dictate we need the forum in the future, we certainly are not opposed to adding it again.

To receive support, first please utilize our Knowledge Base  This knowledge base will forever be an ongoing and growing area, and we will strive to put all the information we can to help you in the knowledgebase.  By searching through it, you can often find the answer you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for whether we are supporting WordPress or not or maybe other software that you need. Or maybe if you are looking for best cheap vps hosting that we provided.

If you do not see the information you need in the knowledgebase, the next step is to submit a support ticket through our service desk by logging in at http://flatfilehost.com/secure/

PLEASE NOTE: For support, please don't send our staff messages through any online forums or social networking sites we may happen to be posting on, or calling our personal phone number if you somehow have that information.

While we love to help you out where you need it, we have set up the best procedures to help you the fastest and most efficient way we can here at Flatfilehost Hosting.  Contacting us through the other methods could greatly delay or even prevent that support you need.  Please realize we have a lot of customers, and on other websites, we don't have your account information handy.

We LOVE to assist you with whatever we can! Please help us HELP YOU by using the support channels we have in place here at Flatfilehost Hosting. This will insure you get the fastest and most effective help possible.

Also inn the past, many of you have just emailed us at one of our email addresses here at Flatfilehost Hosting, or even on our private, personal email addresses with support questions. Please don't misunderstand here, we have not minded helping you via email in the past whatsoever.

The issue at hand now is that the volume of email we get (both support and non-support including SPAM) is becoming unmanageable to realistically handle any support via email. The end result is that you may be stuck waiting much, much longer than need be to get some help or worst case your email gets lost in the spam. There also is the added fact that email is NOT secure!

We are now requiring that all future support issues be submitted through the above established channels, and not by emailing our staff directly at either their personal email addresses or any Flatfilehost Hosting email address.

This will help us help you faster, and will ensure something important that you need doesn't accidentally get deleted with the spam. We would feel terrible if that happened and a clients needs were not handled!

Any future email requests for support will be replied nicely to with links to the areas set aside for this. By going thru the designated support channels, your support needs can be addressed in a much more timely and effective fashion.

We hope everyone is understanding of this. We don't intend for this to be considered harsh in any way. Just that we are growing here at Flatfilehost Hosting and for us to continue to be effective in administrating things, we need to have the areas set aside for support utilized.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 March 2010 22:55 )