Domain Registration Thieves Are At It Again!

December 4, 2009


I received this yesterday on one of our domains.  If one was just casually going through their email, it would seem like a standard renewal notice, enticing the domain name owner to go ahead and click to renew their domain name.  After all, you don’t want your domain name to expire right?

Problem is, these people aren’t the current registrar of the domain name.  We have it registered through our service, Flatfilehost Hosting, which utilizes Enom.  When you click through the link, it shows the renewal price at a whopping $79.95 per year!  This is a completely ridiculous price as you can register/renew .com domains in many places for $10/year or less. We charge $9.95/year.

This is a classic slamming method developed by long distance phone carriers years ago, and now used my some of these dishonest domain companies.  See our previous post on one of these domain registration scams.  The company I am writing about today is called ISP Renewal Domain Name Services.

If you had clicked through and paid their extortionist fees, and your domain name wasn’t locked at the current registrar, it would have been transferred to them.  Would you still be able to manage and control it? Maybe.  But you have to wonder, if they are willing to use dishonest tactics to get your business and an overinflated rate, then how honest are they going to be in all areas of their business.  You might well lose complete control over your domain name.

This is why it’s vitally important to enable the registrar lock wherever you have your domain name registered.  We do this by default for you at Flatfilehost Hosting.  You can always disable the lock if you ever want to transfer your domain to another register on your own.  By enabling the lock, a company like this ISP Renewal Domain Name Services would not be able steal control of your domain name.  You may be out the $79.95 fee, but you could always dispute that fee with your credit card company.

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