Your Domain Name has been Hijacked!

March 17, 2009


Did you know your domain name could potentially be hijacked and taken from you by your webhost?

I’ve had it happen to me in the past, as well as to a number of customers that have moved over to us from another host.  It’s very frustrating and makes you angry in the least, and in some cases could cause you to lose a domain name you have built a business on.  In fact, I am currently helping a customer that is having that exact issue.

In that case, the host has just become unresponsive over time, for support or other issues, and when they wanted to move, they won’t respond to necessary requests for needed information (such as the authorization key to transfer it away from them).

There could be many reasons this happens.  Perhaps the host is just shady, perhaps they got too big, too fast, and can’t handle all their support issues.  Perhaps they are one man operations and they got bored with it.  This happens quite a bit in cases of what is known in the industry as “kiddy hosts”.  These are usually teenagers that set up some sort of hosting service on a reseller account.  How many of you knew that was a common thing?

Having your domain name hijacked can usually only happen if  A) You registered your domain through your webhost B) The domain name registrar (or reseller of them) decided to go our of business or become unresponsive.

In the next post I will give some tips on how to try to prevent this from happening to you!

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  1. This is my first time comment at your blog.
    Good recommended website.

  2. this is exactly the post I needed to see!

  3. Waste of space. You only talk about the problem but offer NO solutions or suggestions once it has happened other than the person that has had their domain hijacked should have prevented it. Great advice….duh…We’re needing answers not more questions.

  4. AS noted in the last sentence Thom, a follow up post will be providing answers to the problem. Has this happened to you?

  5. Looks like your question thing at the end of the post worked. Also not having to sign in is nice too. Good job. Nice list. Thanks.

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